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Early in the morning flight from Ulaanbaatar to Ulgii city. Our crew will pick you up at the airport. Flight time takes about 2:30 hours. In summer flight schedule to Olgii is early in the morning. After breakfast drive to Altai Tavan Bogd national park. It is a about 7-8 hours of driving to get to the ranger’s station which is about 200 km. Pitch our camp. From here our trekking trip will be started. We will come to Tsagaan gol valley’s ranger station.

Day 1

Flight to Ulaanbaatar. Early in the morning arrive to Olgii. 2.30 hours of flight. Our crew will meet you at the airport. Drive to Tsagaan gol valley of Tsengel village. Camp along the bank of Tsagaan gol river.

Day 2

Trek to the base camp. We will use c amel support to bring our gear and foods.

Day 3

from today we will start climbing to mountain Khuiten and Malchin. Early in the morning at 4pm we will climb to Honoh Tolgoi’s base camp. This is a middle camp between Khuiten and base camp.

Day 4

Early in the morning we will climb to Khuiten at 3pm. It will take 4 hours to get to the summit of Khuiten and 3 hours back to the base camp. At around 4 pm you can be back to base camp.

Day 5

Climb to Malchin peak. It is a non-technical mountain to climb which doesn’t requires special climbing gears. It will take 7 hours total climbing and coming back to base camp.

Day 6

We should have one more day in advance in case of the weather situation. Or Malchin climbing also will be our day for advance we will decide whether to climb or stay.

Day 7

Get back to the Tsagaan gol valley. On the way down we will visit some nomadic Tuvan families and have an experience seeing their life style and culture, as well as foods of them.

Day 8

Drive to Khoton lake and Khurgan lake. It will take one they to get there. On the way we will stop at Shiveet Khairkhan to see archeological sites as petroglyphs. Also we will stop at very ancient man stone timed back to 1500 years. We will stay with Kazakh nomadic families. It means that you will have an experience of real taste of nomadic people and culture of them

Day 9

Hike to Baga Turgen’s water fall. It is about 15m high water fall in the valley of Baga Turgenii gol. 10km for one way.

Day 10

Drive to the Lake Khoton and camp.

Day 12

Drive to Olgii. We will pass by Tsengel village, Ulaankhus village. On the way we will stop at an Eagle Hunter’s family near Ulaankhus village. Stay in a ger camp.

Day 13

Early in the morning flight to Ulaanbaatar.


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