Eagle festival 2018 and horse trek tour, 12 day


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Today you will see the magnificent bird Golden Eagle. In two days we will enjoy the festival by the participation of Eagle Hunters, their contest of demonstrating the skills how they are ready to hunt with eagle and adaptation of eagle to the hunters. There are over 60 to 80 participants from the 12 counties of Bayan Ulgii which is the best hunters of the area.

Day 1

September 29, 06.00 AM Pick you up from airport and sightseeing Ulaanbaatar city

Day 2

September 30, Terelj National Park, Chinggis Khan Statue -Turtle Rock - and horse riding /B; L; D/

Day 3

October 1, 06.35 AM Flight to the Olgii, Arrive to Olgii. Drive to lake Dayan nuur upon your arrival to Olgii. Getting to Eagle hunters family in the area of lake Dayan nuur. Stay overnight with the family.

Day 4

October 2,Take a horse riding tour with the Eagle hunter in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. We will see eagle hunting activities like training the eagle and calling the eagle at him from the distance to let the eagle fly and attack to the stuffed carcass.

Day 5

October 3, Horse trekking to lake Khar nuur and with the eagle hunter on horseback. 27km. In the evening sleep with the nomadic family. We will arrange the family about it. This is not just trekking on horseback on the way you will do hunting. The van will follow you and make your lunch ready on time all the way to Olgii.

Day 6

October 4, Horse trekking to Tsengel Khairkhan with the eagle hunter on horseback. 33km. You will learn a lot of things and difference of nomadic life. In the evening sleep with the nomadic family. We will arrange the family about your home stay.

Day 7

October 5, Horse trekking to Saksai. 30km. At the family we will perform Kazakh music and songs by Dombra which is Kazakh traditional instrument. Saksai is a home to the singers and artists by Dombra play. We will arrange the family about your home stay.

Day 8

October 6, Fist day of Eagle festival. Early in the morning at 7.30am drive to Olgii for the Eagle festival. 45km. Get to the festival early, early in the morning the eagle hunters coming for the festival on horseback is colorful and you can take good photo shooting. Accommodation is hotel in Olgii

Day 9

October 7. Second day of Eagle festival. Follow the program. The festival will be over at around 4:30pm-5:00pm. Afterwards we drive to Tolbo village and get to another Eagle hunter's family. It is on our way to Khovd. 80km from Olgii. Stay overnight with the family.

Day 10

October 8, Ride a horse until noon time. After lunch drive to Khovd province. 140km. 4-5 hour of driving. On the way to Khovd we will see lake Tolbo and Tsambagarav mountain. 60km is a paved road. Stay in a hotel.

Day 11

October 9, Khovd: fly back (02.00pm) to Ulaanbaatar - Night in Hotel

Day 12

October 10, Transferring to Chinggis khaan international airport. Flight (07.10 AM) from Ulaanbaatar to Italy


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