Ski tour in Tavan Bogd


Tour Fee : 1456$

Tour Date : 2018-05-18

Booking Deadline : 2018-05-30

Travel : Ski touring

Tour status : Booked

Group size : min 2 pax , max 15 pax

The national park is an ideal playground for some ski-touring, mountaineering and snowkiting. We picked April - May as it should be the best time for good snow conditions while staying out of the most extreme temperatures (up to -50°C in winter!). As our stay was quite long, we had plenty of time to absorb and enjoy the environment. We managed to climb two peaks, the Malchin peak ( 4050m) and the Nairamdal Peak (4180m). This last summit is the crossing point of the Mongolian, Chinese and Russian borders. Lot’s of fun!

The idea was to set up a ger at 2600m in the far west mountains of Mongoli in the Tavan Bogd national park in the Altaï. For a period of 20 days we would explore the surroundings of our basecamp by foot or by ski. Getting there was not a piece of cake… The journey to our basecamp was a long haul. Starting from Ulaanbaatar it took us : 2 planes, 1 4x4 Russian Military minivan and finally several camels. As this region is extremely remote; food, water, communication and many other certainties we take for granted in our day-to-day lives needed to be carefully planned and estimated. Being in altitude fighting the cold was one of our uninturupted occupations. However this is what makes you feel alive.

Day 1

Arrive to Olgii. Pick up from airport. Transfer to hotel. After lunch go for city tour.

Day 2

Drive to Tsagaan gol valley and have set up our ger /yurt/

Day 3-Day 10

Ski touring

Day 11

Drive to Olgii. On the way visit to eagle hunter’s family. Hold on the eagle take pictures.

Day 12



10 Days

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