Tavan Bogd and Sirgali 6 day tour


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Booking deadline : 8/4/2018
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Early in the morning flight from Ulaanbaatar to Ulgii city. Our crew will pick you up at the airport. Flight time takes about 2:30 hours. In summer flight schedule to Olgii is early in the morning. After breakfast drive to Altai Tavan Bogd national park. It is a about 7-8 hours of driving to get to the ranger’s station which is about 200 km. Pitch our camp. From here our trekking trip will be started. We will come to Tsagaan gol valley’s ranger station.

Day 1:Flight to Olgii

Early in the morning arrive to Olgii and drive to Tavan Bogd. Reach to Shivet Hairkhan mountain. Overnight at Tuvan’s family. We will drive through Ulaankhus soum, Tsengel soum and through Tsagaan gol valley untill the top of the valley. This road is allows us to see beautiful landscapes and high mountains, animals, birds etc.

Day 2

Today we will go on a trek to the Shiveet Khairkhan mountain. Tis mountain named as like this because it is a Swiss Mountain of Mongolia. Locals as like Tuvans they worship this mountain and it is not allowed to hunt in this mountain so why it is rich in wilds. If we are lucky then we can be witnessed of wilds such us Ibex. Here it is a home of the Golden Eagles as well. We can see the nest of eagles from far distances. Stay with same family.

Day 3

Drive to Khoton and Khurgan lakes. On the way we will stop at deer stones and man
statues along the banks of Mogoit river. In May the lakes will be still frozen and only at the end of the May it will start melting. However it is spectacular site to come here. Overnight at a nomad Kazakh family.

Day 4

in the morning we will explore the lakes and after lunch drive to Ulaankhus soum. Visit to an eagle hunter’s family in Ulaankhus. Learn some hunting skills with a Golden Eagle. Share stories and you can hold on your hand a magnificent birth.

Day 5

Drive to a Terekt. Have a free time along the bank of the Khar Us river. After lunch time drive to Olgii. Stay in a Hotel.

Day 6

Flight to UB


10 Days

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