About Us

The Story of golden eagle tours

Mr Nurbol Khajikhan (Director and only owner of JIKHANGER LLC) had been started working as an English speaking local tour guide for tour agencies from Bayan Olgii province from 2009 to 2011. After 2011, he started to organize private tour as an independent tour guide. Over the period of time, Mr Nurbol.Kh started to receive tourists from different countries around the world. According to his experience in tourism field, he established his own tour agency JIKHANGER LLC and was developed the web site www.goldeneagletour.com in 2015.

The name of Jikanger is come from an English word Traveler. The passion of kazakhs is a hunting with golden eagle and therefore when you imagine Kazakh traveler you will see a hunter with eagles. Here our company service brand name had become as Golden Eagles Tours.

Since then, JIKHANGER LLC has been specialized providing tours such as long-distance hiking, horseback ride treks, jeep safari, mountaineering at Khuiten peak, hunting with eagles, tours at eagle festival, nomadic cultural tours and started for the first time ski expeditions in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park since 2016.

Meet our team

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Nurbol Khajikhan

Founder and executive director

He is not just a director who arranges your tours he is an excellent tour guide throughout Mongolia.

  • In 2009, he has been done 360km, 14 days long-distance hiking trek with two French guys travelling around Altai Tavan Bogd national park.
  • In 2010, he has been done 5600km, 14 days overland jeep tour with two Americans starting from Altai Mountains to Ulaanbaatar via rounding Khovsgol lake and Tsaatan people.
  • In 2015, he has been done 600km, 22 days, long-distance horse trek with Rumfles staff from Netherlands in Altai Mountains.
  • In 2016, he has been done 14 days ski expedition in Altai Mountains with three Belgian guys explored all the beauties of Mongolian Altai.
  • In 2017, he has been done 5800km, 19 days overland jeep tour with two English girls starting from Altai Mountains to Ulaanbaatar via rounding Gobi desert.


Tansaya Khajikhan

Tour manager

She graduated from National University of Mongolia as a economist in 2015. She is a younger sister of Nurbol. When her brother Nurbol started to organize tours by himself in 2011, she started to work as a tourist guide for family run business. Since then she has visited to every corner of Bayan-Olgii with the specific experiences including hiking horseback trip, jeep tour, nomadic family stay tour, and Mountain climbing tour and Eagle hunting tour for leading small and big groups. She has a plenty of experience and she can customize and develop the itinerary for which suits tourists need.

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She is one responsible for logistics, planning and customer care service. She never bored to travel through her beautiful hometown for both tourist work and leisure. She turned her passion for travel into a career.

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Horse&camel guide in Tavan Bogd

He lives in Tsagaan gol valley as a nomadic tuvan family. He lives with his wife Chimgee and four beautiful children. Kazakhs and Tuvan nomadic herders live inside the park and visiting them is part of most tours. Tuvans occupy the Tsagaan Gol valley and have different clothes, food, and language than Mongols. We use camel support to get our camping equipment to the base camp and therefore Bayarsaikhan will be our horse and camel guide. His horses are well trained for riding tourists for our hiking and horse riding tours. By visiting his family you can enjoy sharing handmade voda and he is great singer when he plays his guitar.

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Nomadic Kazakh family in Khoton nuur

Damis, 30 year old, and his wife Marka, 30, live with their 3 children in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. Marka is this Nurbol`s aunt who is her mom`s youngest sister of 13 siblings. Marka`s family is known for their colorful large ger with rich embroidered wall hangings and their warm hospitality. Marka`s family has been working with our company since the beginning.


Like most of the Kazakh nomad family, they move 4 times in a year, lives in yurt in summer times and live on the shores of the lakes which is Khoton and Khurgan during the summer time.

In the traditional Kazakh their ger is very colourfully decorated. The walls are covered in brightly coloured rugs and drapes, and the table (dastarkhan) is adorned with many small bowls of bread, baursak, sweets, aruul, sugar, biscuits, chocolates and suuti tsai (salty milky tea).

They enjoy showing off their tradition, handmade products to friends and tourists during the summer time.

Nomadic familiies nearby Lakes Region they make money for living during summer times and spends that money to their children`s education. We have been working with many nomadic families and they get fair rate from every trip we organized.



Eagle hunter family in Dayan nuur

He lives in Ulaankhus village in among the Karatau mountain which is 25km from Olgii city in winter season. He lives with his wife Pernegul and eight children together with father Tabisbek. The people living inside the park are one of the main draws. The Kazakhs are the most numerous and the ones that do eagle hunting. Those living inside the park have retained their traditional culture to a greater degree than probably any Kazakh in Central Asia. They have preserved their arts and music, and have practiced the ancient sport of eagle hunting. They migrate 4 time in a year for better grassland. In summer they stay Urmugeit summer village of nomads near lake Dayan nuur. He has been awarded with “State honored herder” in the year of 2017 which he has got over 1000 livestock’s. He participates at the annual Eagle Festival held in Olgii and Sagsai county and he takes you for hunting tour with eagle in winter season.



Tour cook

Rina has worked in the tourist industry for over ten years. She enjoy visiting to Altai National Park each time with different tourists who visited to Mongolia from all over the world. She likes cooking and helping to tourists to serving with foods is such a rewarding job.

She loves cooking and can cook Kazakh, Mongolian traditional foods and some western style foods.

We have other experienced tour cooks and drivers and they also do their best to make your travel in Mongolia

Many of them worked with us since the beginning. Our team is friendly, helpful, hospitable, deeper cultural knowledge, energetic, flexible, and sensitive of tourist needs, has a good sense humour and makes you feel like you are with your friends. They will be your first local friend and first interaction with Mongolian people. Most of them worked many years in tourism industry, so feel free to have conversation.




He is 37 year old, he lives in Tsengel village. He has been working in tourism field since 2008. He has over 10 year experience working with thousands of tourists from around the world. He is best driver since he knows all the destinations like Gobi desert, Khovsgol and Tsaatan people’s region. His car equipped with charger for your camera batteries.

Mongolian countryside roads and conditions are not the same as developed countries. Usually our trip destinations are off road and bumpy 6-7 hours driving, it can be boring on other hand It is really adventurous when only once you have been to Mongolia. Our drivers are the masters of Russian jeep and off road and they know the way perfectly. Our drivers all own vehicles and they speak Mongolian, Kazakh, know basic Engish words so they can easily understand your needs without help of guide. Although safety is first, they also help tourists to pitch their tents and cook tent, toilet tent and camping shower and fetch water and take care of your luggage during the trip, so they can save your time and you can enjoy your trip without worrying about your staff.

They also know the best view spots, local nomad families, and good historical story such as when the first kazakhs settled and migrated to Mongolian Altai mountains.

Responsible Tourism

Responsible travel is about respecting and benefiting local people and the environment. This can only be done by learning a little bit about the country, the culture and even a few words of the local language before you arrive. A simple smile at the local town, a conversation in the nomad family; locals are the soul of a country. So responsible travel is more adventurous than "mass tourism" as it requires interaction with local and nomad people, staying in ger camps and tasting some of the handmade milk products and local food. Things may not always go to plan but they will certainly be more exciting and at the end of your visit you will feel more fulfilled and informed about the places and people you have visited having experienced a deeper and more real travel experience. Jikhanger is a local tour company based in Olgii. As a professional company we have a duty to act responsibly and to encourage and promote responsible tourism. The owner, Nurbol Khajikhan, was born in Olgii. All of our staff drivers, cooks, are from Bayan Olgii province. Our horse masters, nomadic families are from the western region with the majority coming from villages the surrounding cAltai Tavan Bogd National Park. Our webpage “About us” has a brief profile of each of our team. Our team members have been carefully selected from the communities in the Ulaankhus, Tsengel region.

The following are the key points in our philosophy:

  • Where possible we believe in putting money directly into the communities we visit each time and rent horse camel from nomads and eating locally produced food.
  • We are careful to ensure that our staff and nomad families receive a fair rate for their services.
  • We encourage our own staff to take an active interest in responsible and sustainable tourism and train them accordingly so that they can put our policies into practice.
  • We endeavour to ensure that our practices help in the environmental conservation of the areas we visit.
  • We provide our clients with advice and guidelines on how to respect the social, cultural and religious beliefs of local communities.
  • Where possible we purchase food and other staff locally. Obviously all fresh produce and food is bought in local markets and small shops.
  • When we go to countryside remote place trip we take a portable toilet and toilet tent and camping shower.
  • We are zero waste company. On our trips all rubbish and waste is carried out and disposed of in the Olgii.
  • We support environmental-friendly eco-tourism. Our company’s project “One tourist-per tree” will be started upcoming spring of 2018 when the first travelers visit. It helps us to make Olgii more Green.