Migration of The Eagle Hunters, winter tour, February 15-27


Tour Fee : 1500$

Tour Date : 2020-02-15 00:00

Booking Deadline : 2019-10-01 00:00

Travel : Winter expedition

Tour status : Open

Group size : min 1 pax , max 10 pax

The Kazakhs of western Mongolia, known for hunting with eagles, are a nomadic people whose lives revolve around the movement of their livestock. In February, about 200 families travel cross the Altai mountains on a 120km journey - it takes them to walk about five days from their winter camp to spring camp before the lambing season. 
Crossing frozen lakes and mountain passes, the nomadic Kazakhs of western Mongolia make an epic journey with their livestock every spring.  They herd about 500 livestock, including horses, yaks, camels, cashmere goats, sheep and cows.  It is a once-in-a-lifetime experiences to adventurous photographers.  

Route: Ulaanbaatar - Olgii town - Eagle hunter's winter place - Ulaankhus village - crossing Altai Mountains - Altai Tavan Bogd national park - Dayan lake - Eagle hunter's spring camp - Olgii town - Ulaanbaatar

Distance: 400km by car, 120km trekking, 5 day walking, 

Altitude: 1800m - 2300m above sea level.

Weather: -18C to -3018C

Available: February

Day 1:  

 Arrive to Ulaanbaatar

Arrive to Chinggis Khaan International Airport and meet you tour guide. Transfer to hotel. After check-in to the hotel. During the day we will visit Gandantegchinlen Monastery and Mongolian National Museum. In the evening enjoy a Mongolian cuisine at restaurant. After dinner, retire early to bed to ease fatigue from long haul flights.

Day 2: 

 Ulaanbaatar – Olgii – Ulaankhus (2.5h flight, 1h drive)  

Early morning transfer to airport at 06.30am catch a flight to Olgii. It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes. Upon arrival, transfer by car to Ulaanhus village, where group will be hosted at ger camp (yurt) next to the Eagle hunters winter house. Today we will experience nomadic culture, daily lifestyle, and hospitality of the Kazakh people.

Day 3: 


Today we will experience for packing and get loading on the truck. The nomad family stay in their winter place from October to February. They use a Russian truck ЗИЛ130 for migration. The women and children are transported by the truck n so they can get in same day to the spring camp.  With the livestock the Eagle hunter will walk 5 days till the spring camp.

Day 4:

Ulkaankhus – Ush Kara (30km)

First day of migration. Early in the morning we start walking the 5 types of livestock such as horses, cows and yaks, camels, goats and sheep’s.  Our ger camp also will be packed down to be set up on next day’s camping place Kharangat valley. Hunter and his brothers will pack their camping tents, foods, extra grasses for the horses and stoves on the camels.  Our support cars will follow us during the walk every day. No worries of getting too exhausted and getting cold during the day. Our walking will be approximately 20-30 kilometers per day.

Day 5:

Ush Kara – Kharangat valley (30km)

Second day of migration. We follow the same rules as we did on the first day. The landscape and view of the surroundings are beautiful for photography from sunrise to sunset. You will witness how they challenge the harsh winter of Mongolian Altai. But after the hot tea in the warm ger there will be full of joy sharing the experience of past days.

Day 6:

Kharangat valley - Buudal (30km)

Third day of migration. Buudal means a state owned camp dedicated for the nomads when they make a stop before the high pass lake Khar nuur. The nomads of Sagsai and Ulaankhus villages they make a stop at Buudal for the shelter.  

Day 7:

Buudal – Hara Tas bridge (30km)

Fourth day of migration. The snow will be deeper and windy over this area. Some weak animals can get exhausted and they need to be transported by camel. This is lifetime journey and learning how nomads can figure out solutions from nothing.   

Day 8:

Hara Tas – Spring camp. (30km)

Final day of the migration. Today late afternoon we will arrive at Spring camp of the eagle hunter. The happy family we will welcome us with their livestock after a 5 day journey.  Today evening we will celebrate our successful journey with whole family eating the traditional meals of Kazakhs.

Day 9:

Spring camp – Dayan nuur. (15km)

A leisurely day spent at Eagle hunter's Spring camp. It is beautiful and very isolated spot in the snow covered mountains of Altai Tavan Bogd national park near the lake Dayan nuur. We will make a day trip to the lake Dayan nuur for exploring the area driving on the ice. At sunset we will have the eagle hunters on horseback with their golden eagles, and we have a variety of photo shoots and portrait sessions.   In the evening we will make firework for the last day of our stay with the family and dance. The nomads are alone often with themselves and they love the making party.  

Day 10:

Dayan nuur – Olgii. (160km)

Drive to Ulgii. Approximately 6 hours of driving. In the evening we will stay at a local hotel in Olgii and will enjoy a small concert by the local folk song singers with their traditional instruments.  

Day 11:

Olgii – Ulaanbaatar (2.5h flight)

Transfer to airport. Board a domestic flight back to Mongolian capital city Ulaanbaatar, upon arrival transfer to hotel in city center. Later, tour members may opt to visit the State Department Store for last minute souvenir shopping. Around sunset, take a stroll at the nearby Chenghis Khan Square, a popular hang-out place for the locals.

Day 12:

Ulaanbaatar – International flight

Departure to International flight at Chinggis Khaan International airport



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