Ski Expedition, spring tour, April - May


Tour Fee : 1400$

Tour Date : 2020-04-10 00:00

Booking Deadline : 2020-01-10 00:00

Travel : Ski touring and exploring mount Tavan Bogd and Tsambagarav

Tour status : Open

Group size : min 1 pax , max 16 pax

The national park is an ideal playground for some ski-touring, mountaineering and snowkiting.  April - May as it should be the best time for good snow conditions while staying out of the most extreme temperatures (up to -50°C in winter!). As our stay is longer, you have plenty of time to absorb and enjoy the environment. You will manage to climb two peaks, the Malchin peak (4050m) and the Nairamdal Peak (4180m). This last summit is the crossing point of the Mongolian, Chinese and Russian borders. Lot’s of fun!

The idea is to set up a ger at 2600m in the far west mountains of Mongoli in the Tavan Bogd national park in the Altai. For a period of 14 days you will explore the surroundings of the base camp by foot or by ski. Getting there is not a piece of cake… The journey to our basecamp is a long haul. Starting from Ulaanbaatar it will take you: a plane, a 4x4 Russian Military minivan and finally several camels. As this region is extremely remote; food, water, communication and many other certainties we take for granted in our day-to-day lives needed to be carefully planned and estimated. Being in altitude fighting the cold is one of uninterrupted occupations. However this is what makes you feel alive.

Route: Ulaanbaatar - Olgii - Tsagaa gol river - Base camp - Malchin peak - Nairamdal peak- Tsagaan gol river - Ulaankhus village - Tsambagarav mountain - Base camp - Tsast Uul - Olgii - Ulaanbaatar

Distance: 600km by car, 40km-60km ski touring

Altitude: 1800m - 4180m above sea level.

Weather: -15C to +5C

Available: April – May

Day 1: 

Arrive to Ulaanbaatar - Terelj national park

Arrive to Chinggis International airport of Mongolian capital city Ulaanbaatar, upon arrival transfer to Red Rock resort in Terelj National Park. 64km, 2h drive.  Terelj offers wondrous exotic granite rock sightseeing with beautiful bush valleys in between and surrounding gorgeous landscapes. Visit Turtle Rock and Aryabal Temple. After dinner, retire early to bed to ease fatigue from long haul flights.

Day 2:  

Ulaanbaatar – Olgii – Altai Tavan Bogd National Park (2.5h flight, 7h drive)  

Early morning transfer to airport at 06.30am catch a flight to Olgii. It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes., Upon arrival transfer by car to Tsagaan gol valley Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. It is 200km. Approximately 7 hours of driving. Where group will be hosted by at nomadic Tuvan family winter house.  We will experience nomadic culture, daily lifestyle, and hospitality of the Tuvan people.

Day 3: 

Advanced Base Camp (3000m)

Today we will experience for setting up a ger camp for our stay here. We will drive 10km from Tumurbaatar’s winter camp to the top of the Tsagaan gol valley. Setting up the ger it takes 2 hours. We will provide stove, wooden frames, felt layer for the ground. After lunch we go to skiing to the nearby valleys to test the snow conditions and have stretched our legs after a long flights and drive.

Day 4: 

Advanced Base Camp (3000m)

In the morning we will walk to the advanced base camp which is a next to Potanin glacier's moraine where will place our advanced camp. It will take 6 hours to get there. 16km. We will use camel support to bring our camping equipment to the advanced camp. In these days we will stay in the tents. There will be a big tent for cooking and eating with the stove.  

Day 5 - Day 9: 

Skiing days

We’ll spend the following days skiing through the surrounding peaks. We’ll depart each day from the base camp. Ski/climb at Tavan Bogd's five saints as Malchin (Herder) Peak at 4050m, Nairamdal (Friendship) peak at 4180m, Khuiten (Cold) peak at 4374m, Olgii (Craddle ) at 4113m peak and Burged (Eagle )peak at 4068m.

Day 10: 

Tsagaan gol valley – Ulaankhus village - Eagle hunter’s family

Drive to Ulaankhus. A leisurely day spent at Eagle hunter's family. It is beautiful spot near Uaankhus village. 150km. We will enjoy Kazakh traditional meal and hospitability. You can hold on the eagle on your arm and have taken your pictures

Day 11: 

Drive to Tsambagarav national park

Drive to Tsast Uul at the Tsambagarav National Park. 160km. Approximately 6 hours of driving. We will reach to the bottom of the Tsast Uul and pitch our tents.

Day 12: 

Tsast Uul Mountain - Olgii city

On this day, we’ll take a long ascent and enjoy the descent through the Tsast Uul at 4193m. Then, we’ll return to Olgii. 100km. Approximately 3 hours of driving. In the evening we will stay at a local tourist camp in Olgii and will enjoy a small concert by the local folk song singers with their traditional instrument.

Day 13: 

Olgii city- Ulaanbaatar (2.5h flight)

Transfer to airport. Board a domestic flight back to Mongolian capital city Ulaanbaatar, upon arrival transfer to hotel. Afternoon will go on city tour visiting Mongolian National Museum, Sukhbaatar square. Later, tour members may opt to visit the State Department Store for last minute souvenir shopping. At 6pm-7pm we will visit Tumen Ekh National Song and Dance Ensemble after that enjoy a Mongolian cuisine at restaurant.

Day 14: 

Ulaanbaatar – International flight

Departure to International flight at Chinggis Khaan International airport



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