Trekking in Altai, summet tour, June 10 - August 10


Tour Fee : 1021$

Tour Date : 2019-06-10 00:00

Booking Deadline : 2019-05-30 17:37

Travel : Trekking

Tour status : Open

Group size : min 1 pax , max 10 pax

Altai Tavan Bogd Complex

Cradle of permanent snow peaks and glaciers

Altai Tavan Bogd Complex covering an area of 636 ha of land is a special protected area which was established in order to protect the king peaks of Altai such as Altai Tavan Bogd, Shiveet Khairkhan mountains, Rashaan Dungurukh, Songino, Yolt mountains and Khoton, Khurgan, Dayan mountain ranges and where wild animals like snow leopards, fallow-deers, altai snowcocks, beech martens, wild sheep and ibexes. The Altai Tavan Bogd mountain is located in 185 km from Ulgii city.

The highest peak in the most western part of Altai Tavan Bogd is the Khuiten peak that is 4,374 m high. Also, Altai Tavan Bogd has such permanent snow peaks as Nairamdal, Malchin, Burged, Naran and Tsagaan Suvarga. The most western point of Mongolia called Maanit mountain is also located here. Altai Tavan Bogd is also famous with its glaciers. The Potanin’s glacier is 20km long, 5km wide, and there are Grane and Alexander glaciers as well. In Tavan Bogd, one has an opportunity to ride a horse, go for hiking and get acquainted with the lifestyle Kazakhs and Tuvanians. Many foreign and domestic tourists come here to climb to the peaks of Altai Tavan Bogd. Although tourists come here throughout the year, the most favorable months are July to September. During this period, the weather is mild and the gorges at the glaciers can be properly seen.

White and black flows and pole numbered 1

The Tsagaan river has become white-colored because it gathers white dust, earth and sediments from the glaciers of Altai Tavan Bogd. After joining with the Khovd river, the water along its left bank obtains white color while the water along the right bank obtains black color, and it is truly a nature’s miracle. The Tsagaan river valley has many ancient tombs, cave paintings, statues from Bronze era, burial places and gravestones.

Route: Ulaanbaatar - Olgii - Tsagaa gol river - Base camp - Malchin peak - Tsagaan gol river - Shiveet Khairkhan - Khoton lake - Baga Turgen valley - Baga Turgen's waterfall - Dayan lake - Eagle Hunter - Tsengel Khairkhan - Sagsai - Ulgii 

Distance: 600km by car, 80km trekking

Altitude: 1800m - 4050m above sea level. 

Weather: +5C to +18C

Available: June - August   



Tsagaan gol

Pick you up from the airport of Olgii. Our crew will meet you at the airport. After breakfast leave for Altai Tavan Bogd National park’s ranger station. Camp along the bank of Tsagaan gol river. We will drive through Ulaankhus and Tsengel villages. Overnight in tent. 180km..
(B, L, D)

Day 2:Base of Altai Mountains

Hike to Base camp of Altai Tavan Bogd. It takes about 6 hours trekking till the base camp. 14km. You can also do a ride horse from the ranger station. We will use camel support to bring our baggage to the base camp. Overnight in tent
(B, L, D)

Day 3:Climb to Malchin peak

After breakfast we will hike to Malchin mountain. It takes 7 hours to climb to Malchin. Overnight in tent.

( B, L, D)

Day 4:Tsagaan gol

Trek back to the ranger’s station. We will take the way of following bank side of the White river/Tsagaan gol down to ranger station. On the way will visit local Tuvan families. Overnight in tent.

(Ger camp B, L, D)

Day 5:Khoton and Khurgan nuur

In the morning on the way to the lake we will visit petroglyphs at Shiveet Khairhan mountain and drive to Khoton and Khurgan lakes which is the most beautiful, biggest and freshwater lake of the Western Mongolia. It will take one day to get there. From the Mogoit valley we will visit an ancient man stones. On the way 200km. Overnight in tent

(B, L, D)

Day 6-7:Hiking along the Khoton nuur

Hike around the lake exploring the area. We can trek to the top of Khoton lake. It will take 2 days and van will follow as when we do hiking. On the way will visit Kazakh families. Overnight in tent.

(B, L, D)

Day 8:Hiking to Baga Turgen’s water fall

Hike to the Baga Turgen’s waterfall. It is 15m high. The valley has a stunning view. Our journey will take us through deep in mountains: lush, green abundant with wild flowers and plants. The valley surrounded on both sides by high, densely forested mountains and rocky formation of erosion 15km. Overnight in tent.

(B, L, D)

Day 9:Eagle hunter

Drive to the lake Dayan nuur. Today we will visit an Eagle Hunter’s family. Learn some eagle hunting practice. You can take photos holding the eagle on your hand. Overnight in the yurt with the family or camping is possible.

(B, L, D)

Day 10:Eagle hunter’s family&Hiking

Trek to the surrounding valley in the morning. After lunch time we will spend a day with our hosts and get involved in many variety of daily activities of herders pursue daily. Bring animals to camp in the evening, milk horses, yaks, goats, and sheep. Process milk, make butter, yogurt and cheese. Savour delicious, fresh dairy products you help producing. Fresh yak cream and fresh yogurt are the best you have ever tasted anywhere in the world.

Overnight in the yurt with the family or camping is possible.

(B, L, D)

Day 11:Olgii

Drive to Olgii. We will pass by Lake Khar nuur, Tsengel Khairkhan mountain, Ulaankhus village. Stay in ger camp.

(B, L, D)

Day 12:Departure

Transfer to airport and take a flight to UB.

(B, L, D)



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